Tales of Illyria Officially Released

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Previously, the game was available in a trial version that was still under heavy development. The game has since been released in full. We are continuously updating the game with bug fixes, features and events!

Tales of Illyria is a party based RPG hybrid mixing Oregon Trail and “Choose your own adventure” game mechanics. Each party member has a distinct personality and reacts differently to being sick, running out of supplies or if you make a decision that goes against their alignment. Combat is tactical but extremely fast, using both real-time and turn based elements you can issue every order to your party or let the AI do the work.


  • 20+ hours of gameplay
  • 1.5GB of art at full 1080P
  • 75 original music compositions
  • 700 unique encounters
  • 6 unique kingdoms with 42 villages, castles and cities to visit
  • 6 Geographic environments
  • Tons of monsters, shops, equipment, spells & melee fighting style
  • Equipment changes appearance of sprites and portraits
  • Different story outcomes based on your decisions and karma
  • 275K words – that’s four novels’ worth
  • Google Translation Service for all languages (NOT FREE this is a PAID service)

After the game installs, additional files will be downloaded. Please keep in mind that higher resolutions will require more storage space.

Get it on Google Play

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