Tales of Illyria: Behind the Iron Wall Development Update

We’ve announced via social networks over the last couple of weeks that the sequel to Tales of Illyria is coming soon, but that’s the extent of the information we’ve given. It’s high time we shared more about the development status with the community, wouldn’t you agree?

Behind the Iron wall

The writers have completed the game, and they’ve also produced a huge selection of side events! The development will now involve playtesting and fine tuning on our end. Of course, there’s still some more art that needs to be added, and there are some minor tweaks that need to be made to the mechanics and engine. All in all, we are right on track for a late January or early February release date.

Don’t worry episode one fans, we’ll be adding some new events to the first game too for those of you who aren’t ready to pick up the sequel just yet. Stay tuned for even more information.

Feel free to ask questions here or through social media if you have them!