Episode Two

Explore a new land and experience a whole new story in Little Killerz’ Android RPG – Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall.

TOI EP2 (000)

About Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall

Episode Two uses the same travel dynamics of the first episode. Players must venture through the Illyrian countryside managing party morale and supplies along the way. They will experience random encounters, complete with text-based action and dialogue and a refined battle system. With new visuals, updated battle mechanics, and a trail-based alchemy system, Beyond the Iron Wall is an even stronger title from the developer of the acclaimed Tales of Illyria – Episode One: Fallen Knight.

Set in the unexplored desert regions of Illyria, the game has players traversing a vast world as they encounter the mythical djinn, sandworms, lamias and the arcane undead. Adventurers can breathe life into the dying kingdom of Vasena by defending the realm from invaders and usurpers. Or, take the fight into a new land and bring down the wall separating Vasena from the rest of the world.

Episode 2 - Kepri


Episode Two thrusts you into the sandals of a most unexpected hero. In a land dominated by men, priestess Kepri bint’Kaman is dedicated to the protection of the Iron Wall that defends Vasena from the rest of the world. When enemies come to destroy the wall, she must gather an army of allies and bring the fight to them.

Episode 2 Jungle


  • An expanded version of the renowned travel and survival dynamics in the Tales of Illyria series.
  • Explore a more realized world with exotic animals to hunt and an exciting alchemy- based gathering mechanic.
  • Travel the previously blocked desert region of Vasena, and later make your way into the rest of Illyria.
  • Beyond the Iron Wall explores what happened in the years following the chaotic events of the last game.
  • 370,000+ words across nearly 800 events, dozens of musical tracks, hundreds of graphics, faces, weapons, armors, and even new spells make Illyria feel broader, grander, and even more alive.
  • Build a powerful party of both temporary and permanent allies, and equip them with abilities and gear to bring your enemies to ruin.
  • The battle system has been greatly improved. Elemental strengths and weaknesses, combat refinement, and new features encourage players to adopt an experimental approach with each fight. Combat now requires a lot more strategy, and calls for the use of advanced player skills.

4 Replies to “Episode Two”

  1. Markus


    I played Episode 1 on my Gamestick.

    I love it.

    Will Episode 2 also be released on Gamestick?

    I hope so.

    Looking forward to playing it soon!

    • Chad Maniccia

      Hi Markus,

      Glad you liked the game. I wasn’t going to but it would be easy to do. So once its completely bug free I will submit to GameStick.


  2. Austen

    I’m absolutely loving this game! Also in the event where you encounter a mysterious wind wall, after defeating the demon the dialogue goes “the djinn look around the around”, just thought I should let you know. You guys are the best, keep up the good work!

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