Episode One Enhanced Edition (v 3.0) is Live, and Here’s the Changelog


Hail beloved Illyrians! We labored long and hard and [finally] the latest version is now live on Google Play. If you own the game already you should see the update available soon. Want to know what’s different?

Here, is the complete changelog:

  • Requires downloading new media package – when Episode 2 launches you will be able to share content directories which allows you to have multiple versions installed all without using up precious storage space
  • EP2 does not require a separate download in full – see above
  • Updated trail graphics – oh they look so pretty!
  • Updated background graphics
  • Candy Man updated – hell to the yes
  • Updated maps – ooo look at that wall!
  • Combat improved – much needed, completely rebalanced and more fun!
  • Pick plants on the trail – put that alchemy skill to good use!
  • Furs now appear – characters now wear them in combat and on the trail during winter
  • Enemies now have unique skills – combat will be more intense, and fun!
  • Various improvements (we’re being coy, there’s loads more) – did we mention more fun?
  • Last, but certainly not least at least a dozen more events – again, we’re being coy as many existing events have undergone a complete overhaul
  • More player choices – remember that overhaul we mentioned above?

Of course, there are a few surprises that you will find when playing the game! You won’t be disappointed! Enjoy!

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