By now, you’ve probably read that Illyria is quite expansive. If you haven’t, well then now you know. It’s comprised of 6 unique kingdoms with 42 different villages, castles and cities to visit.

Illyria Summer

Both the land and trail are affected by the changing seasons. As time passes, the trail elements and the world map are updated to reflect the current season.

Illyria Map fall season

Tales of Illyria normal trail

Tales of Illyria winter trail

The world map is used to travel between locations and you can access it any time while you’re on the trail (except during events or combat), and while you’re visiting a city. The red indicators you see in the image below show the closest areas the player can move to, while a blue indicator shows the current location objective.

Tales of Illyria World Map (populated)

While viewing the map you can pan and zoom to view it in more detail. Standard pinch to zoom and swiping gestures are used to navigate the world map.

Tales of Illyria world map zoomed in

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