We have developed a very unique order based combat system that plays out in realtime. Every member of your party and of the opposing party, takes a turn attacking, casting a spell or using an item. The party battle area is separated into two rows: a front row, for your main melee attacks, and a back row for ranged attacks and spells. It is in this design that combat becomes strategized. You need to correctly place your units and equip them accordingly to handle the many different types of enemies you will encounter in the land of Illyria.

The beauty of this new battle system is that it is very similar to classic gameplay styles. You have complete power over your party and the actions they take, or you can just leave the AI to progress the battle for you.

TOI Screenshot 5

When battle begins, all actions will play out automatically. That means your party is automated and so is the enemy. You can change this particular mechanic in the settings if you don’t want combat to flow without your approval. Of course, you can issue orders during battle to any of your party members, and that includes using various attacks, spells, and items. On the right hand side of the screen, a simple order pattern is displayed so that you can keep track of who is moving when (notice the character icons on the right hand side of the display in the screenshots).

TOI Screenshot 1

The battlefield is separated into two different ranks, identified as a front and rear line. At any time outside the heat of battle, you can rearrange the placement of your party members to accommodate varying strategies. For example, you can move a main healer to the rear line in order to keep them out of the line of fire.

Combat is entirely turn based, and as such actions will carry out in sequential order.

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