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What is Tales of Illyria?

Tales of Illyria is a unique episodic party-based RPG that simulates the experience of a traditional pen and paper role playing game. What sets TOI apart from other games, is the unique gameplay and turn based mechanics. One of our main sources of inspiration when we designed the game was Oregon Trail. Like Oregon Trail, you are on an epic journey, and you must manage all aspects of your party, right down to the supplies you carry.

Your party is subject to all the dangers of pre-modern era travel. The weather, disease, access to food and water, and bandits provide a constant threat to your party and mission. As the party travels, seasons change and so does the world around you.

Traveling in Tales of Illyria

The game uses a unique Dungeon Master system to spawn events while your party travels or visits locations. During events, the player is given options on how to proceed, and can meet with varying degrees of success and failure depending on their skill levels. Time is never dull with Illyria, and there’s plenty of replayability because there will always be unique events that you never experienced during your first playthrough.

We have developed a very unique order based combat system that plays out in realtime. Every member of your party and of the opposing party, takes a turn attacking, casting a spell or using an item. The party battle area is separated into two rows: a front row, for your main melee attacks, and a back row for ranged attacks and spells. It is in this design that combat becomes strategized. You need to correctly place your units and equip them accordingly to handle the many different types of enemies you will encounter in the land of Illyria.

Episode 1: Fallen Knight

In Episode 1 you take on the role of Elric, a disgraced noble from the kingdom of Tortha. His family has been slain, and he’s out for revenge against those responsible, namely the self-proclaimed King of Hysperia Gareth.

Obviously, more episodes will be released in the near future!

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  • Over 5,000 unique sprites for full character customization
  • More than 275,000 words- that’s over four novels worth!
  • Passage of time & seasons
  • Cinematic Parallax travel
  • Epic story
  • Food & water, attrition of goods
  • Dynamic characters
  • Diverse land with individually developed kingdoms
  • Event based Dungeon Master system
  • Real-time order based combat
  • Weapon and armor weaknesses
  • Alignment, Morale, Karma & Reputation systems
  • Translated into different languages – Realtime Google Translation

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