The Throne of Kourmar

From his seat in the capital Kourr, the young and headstrong Othric watches over his beleaguered kingdom. A protector of many, but friend of few, the young king is aware of the many enemies that surround him and so cares about only loyalty and strength. Having seen the rest of the continent collapse around him has given him much to think about, and so he steals his heart and the hearts of his people against the hardships to come.

The Kourmar Throne

In every age and through all of time into forgotten memory, Kourmar has been Kourmar. It was never in the ancient Fey kingdom, Rugnar the Black could never tame it, and even now, as Gareth beats upon its doorstep, the tiny, mountainous peninsula stands as a rock against the storm. To outsiders, it’s a painful thorn. To loyalists, it’s an impressive stance against an oppressive force. To its many non-human inhabitants, it’s the final sanctuary in a world that wants them dead.