How to Spend a Saturday in Illyria

It’s the weekend! Hopefully you’re not working behind a desk or shoveling horse dung in a stable.

If you’re in Illyria you’re surely trudging along those dreadful trails, managing your supplies and trying to avoid dangerous parties. In the interest of week’s end, we thought we’d explore some of the best ways to spend your Saturday in the land of Illyria.

Illyria Summer

First Things First

Before you do anything in Illyria, you’ll need a trusty steed. Not only will they help you travel the wide expanse of the country much faster, but they’ll also afford you more storage space for supplies. You don’t want to be caught out on the open trail without food and water.

Make sure you have those blades sharpened, staves sanded down smooth and arrows nocked. There are all sorts of baddies roaming the land, and the last thing you need is a limb torn off because you ran out of arrows.

The Illyrian countryside is beautiful, but make no mistake about it, it’s a very unforgiving place.

Spend Some Time in the Wild

TOI Screenshot 11

One of the best things to do in the country is to camp out in the open wilderness. It’s likely that while out in the wild you’ll encounter all manner of creatures. Don’t be frightened, though many are extremely volatile they are certainly interesting to watch. Of course, you’ll need to bolster your stealth skills if you want to monitor them from a distance unnoticed. You’ll also have to live on uncooked meats and without the comfort of warmth, as a campfire will surely give you away.

Tortha Should be a Kingdom You Visit

Though Gareth the King of Hysperia might disagree, Tortha is a very interesting place to visit. Since it was the first kingdom to fall and the first to lose its almighty lord Tortha is now in a state of disarray. Don’t take that to mean that it is hostile territory however. Because Hysperia has no tangible rule over this vassal, the people are divided in many ways. The varying cultures, beliefs and practices that make up this single kingdom are certainly worth checking out!

Visit the Lovely Streets of Narcena

The city of Nycenia

Okay so maybe Narcena is pretty much a steaming pile of filth. The streets are disgusting, the people are virulent and despite the nearby coastline the city is, well… it’s not that attractive. Then again, you don’t visit Narcena for the visual aesthetics.

Rumors mention that Nycenia is home to the infamous Sparrow, leader of the thieves guild. The group is hiding somewhere in the vast realm and they’re always on the lookout for potential members. If you can build yourself a decent reputation in Illyria, perhaps you’ll be called upon by the guild during your travels?

The Great Dividing Wall

To the north lies Vasena, a land of mystery and magick. No one has seen or heard from the country since the great wall was constructed ages ago. The wall itself is a sight to behold, it’s a great spot to visit for the adventurous. Many even claim they can even hear alien voices and noises drifting over from the opposite side in the early hours of morning, just before the sun has moved past the horizon.

An old wives tale speaks of a certain merchant known as the candy man. Though no evidence suggests that such a man is real, many believe there is credence to this old tale. If you do encounter this mysterious spectre, make sure you’re stocked up on gold for he apparently has a very rare and desirable selection of goods.

To be Continued…

Vasenian City

There are many more things to do in the land of Illyria, this is but a taste. Stay tuned for lots of other great ways to spend your weekend.