Hardcore Droid’s List of the 15 Best Android RPGs of 2014 Features Tales of Illyria!

Tales of Illyria Episode 1 is made it to spot number seven in Hardcore Droid’s 15 best Android RPGs of 2014. We guess that means it’s pretty freakin’ awesome? 🙂

Tales of Illyria number seven

Do you agree with the placement? Do you think it belongs higher in the list or lower? Where would you rank Episode Two, if at all?

The team is very proud of this accomplishment, and it’s nice to see our hard work pay off. We’re diligently working on Episode 3 so don’t worry, more will come! In the meantime, head on over to Hardcore Droid to find out what other RPGs made it on the list.

Are there any new players out there to the world of Illyria? What do you think of the game?