Episode Three

Tales of Illyria: Destinies is a huge departure from the previous titles in the series! Prepare to embark on a grand adventure like you’ve never seen before, on mobile anyway. 😉

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Fans of the Tales of Illyria Android RPG series are in for a surprise!

Unlike the first two episodes — which follow the linear stories of two protagonists — players will be the ‘hero’ of their own story this time around. You can shape your character’s career, battle in the arena, complete mercenary jobs, sail to foreign ports and distant islands, hunt down murderers and fearsome beasts, and be as noble or as loathsome as you want! All while managing a party of allies who have their own strengths, vices, needs, and companion quests.

In the base game, there are 12 party members which you can recruit, dismiss, level and customize according to your play style. Potential allies include a maniacal barbarian, a kindly undead paladin, a female knight with a hatred of men, a talking wolf and more.

First you’ll choose from one of six kingdoms for your character’s origin, and then you may strive to earn a strong — or evil — reputation in any one of those kingdoms to gain power, property and influence. Each kingdom features a unique story arc which can be pursued at leisure, so there’s lots of replayability.

The base game will also be free to play, and we mean completely free! There are no paywalls, ads or time-based IAP packages to get in your way. However, we will be offering DLC packages with events, characters, armors and gear and more! If you enjoy the base game and would like to continue playing with added content, you can. If you’d rather enjoy the base game without making a purchase, you can do that too.

Please keep in mind that while the game is in early Beta, it will be $1. This is for the fans who wish to get in on the action early. If you don’t want to pay a $1 then simply wait until the game leaves Beta and goes free to play.

Don’t worry if you pay $1 to play early we’ll do something special for you to warrant the cost!

We didn’t trim down the content in the game just because we’re going free to play either. There are more events and things to do in Tales of Illyria Destinies than there was in the two previous episodes.

  • Over 900 unique events
  • Over 500,000 words total

Tales of Illyria: Destinies New Features

  • Create your character through a highly interactive process
    • Choose your name, sex, appearance, starting skills, alignment (good, evil, etc.), and kingdom
  • Different storylines depending on the kingdom you choose
    • The main quest lines are shorter this time around and you can ignore them completely if you’d like
  • A new job system allows you to earn money and reputation with various guilds and kingdoms
    • Complete jobs for the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and Kingdom Officials
    • Earn a reputation for each kingdom individually; be evil in some or good in others
    • The world reacts to your decisions, reputation and skills
    • With a high reputation you may request an audience with the ruler of a Kingdom to complete unique jobs for them
    • Each kingdom has a rival
    • A high reputation may also earn you titles and estates (property)
    • A low reputation may attract bounty hunters, guards and other nasties
  • Man a six member party
    • There are 15 characters total you have the opportunity to meet and recruit
    • No hand holding, anyone can be a potential party member, and it’s possible to kill them without knowing it
    • Members can get angry with you because of your decisions and actions and may disband
    • Organize your party at any tavern and swap out your active members at any time
  • New level cap now set to 20
  • New gold cap now set to 99,999

Destinies Launch DLC

Currently, there are four different DLC packages available which add a variety of new events and encounters! We feel that it’s extremely important to mention, no content was cut from the base game to be sold as an incremental DLC pack. You can play the entire base game without hindrance.

If you would like to add more content, here’s what you can choose from:

  • thieves_guildJoin the elusive Thieves Guild and offer your services as a mercenary and occasional assassin for hire. More than thirty new jobs await you, along with unscrupulous sorts to train you and fence your ill-begotten loot! Do you have what it takes to become Illyria’s most renowned thief?


  • hunters_guildThe Hunter’s Guild has long been disbanded, but the mantle will soon be taken up by a mysterious new member — you! Embark on a series of quests to take down the greatest beasts in all of Illyria. Will you become a formidable beast hunter or will you succumb to the wilds?


  • hero_number1Kingdoms rise and fall like the waning tide, and eventually, all mountains crumble into dust. The only pieces of man that live on are the stories, songs, and legends. It has been a long time since the last Age of Legends, and Illyria is in desperate need. Rise up, adventurer. Rise up and become that legend that the people so desperately seek. Rise up and become a paragon among men, and let them sing songs of your name until the last kingdom is erased, the last mountain topples, and the final voice is silenced.


  • trow_treasureEver wondered what happens to all the gold stolen by trow across the centuries? Embark then on a journey for a fabulous treasure no mortal in Illyria has set eyes upon! Solve six riddles that will take you across Illyria on a madcap adventure of pranks, mishaps, and even romance for a little friend. Are you smart enough to figure out the clues? What will you find at the end of the rainbow? And can you survive being chased by lovesick cows?

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