The game uses a unique Dungeon Master system to spawn events while your party travels or visits locations. During events, the player is given options on how to proceed, and can meet with varying degrees of success and failure depending on their skill levels. Time is never dull with Illyria, and there’s plenty of replayability because there will always be unique events that you never experienced during your first playthrough.

Tales of Illyria unique events

While traveling, visiting cities or camping you have the potential to experience a wide array of custom events. Our team of writers fine tuned the event system to remain diverse and interesting.

In fact, there are 675 unique encounters including dungeons, random events and unique events. Furthermore, those events make up more than 250,000 words, which is over 4 novels worth of content!

Visiting Cities, Towns and Villages

The land of Illyria is pretty expansive, as it’s comprised of 6 unique kingdoms with 42 different villages, castles and cities to visit. As you progress through the game the seasons also change, altering the land around you. Some events can only be triggered during a specific season, time of day or even in a particular kingdom.

Tales of Illyria visiting towns, cities and villages

Of course, you always need a place to hold up, rest and resupply provisions. There are unique events and locations spaced throughout the trails but your main hubs will always be the cities, villages and towns you visit.

While in a town, city or village you have the option to visit local amenities (taverns, brothels, etc.), resupply provisions (merchant, or town well), and purchase equipment. However, some tasks are specific to a particular town or city, like visiting a castle or continuing a story event.


While on the trail, your party members will suffer injuries, fatigue and more. Camping will help you replenish health after a harrowing battle, and it will also allow some breathing room to fine tune your party. Of course, there’s always a chance that a unique camping event will trigger so be prepared for anything!

Tales of Illyria camping

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