Tales of Illyria #1 Android Hidden Gem

Tales of Illyria is honored as the !#1 Android Hidden Gem by Hardcore Droid!

Headed up by designer Chad Mannicia, Little Killerz has developed an indie RPG series for the ages with the Illyria games. While they play in part like immersive survival titles, they also hit all of the RPG sweet spots. Each of the three feature engaging combat, skill and loot systems, rich world-building and interesting stories, with all of it playing out within the framework of managing randomized engagements, as your party travels the open roads of Illyria. It’s a great indie title by any measure and far and away one of the most innovative and compelling RPGs you can play on mobile.

Al Jackson Hardcore Droid

Tales of Illyria Player Guides

Our most loyal fans put together some player guides for the Tales of Illyria episodes after playing the games. They are scattered in various places across the internet, including our official forum. We decided it would be a great idea to put together a comprehensive list of these guides for anyone looking to get more info on our games.

You’ll find guides on creating a personal character, navigating the world map, and exploring the series most important characters. Take a look!

User-Submitted Player Guides

Hardcore Droid Names Destinies as the #1 RPG of Q3 2015

Editor Al Jackson had this to say about Tales of Illyria Destinies:

We became a fan of indie developers Little Killerz when we first played Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight. Last year’s release of the sequel, Tales of Illyria II: Beyond the Iron Wall further cemented the high regard we have for them. With this year’s release of Illyria: Destinies we have become convinced that Chad Mannicia and his superb team can do no wrong.


The recently released Illyria: Destinies kept all the things that made the first two Illyria games great:  a high fantasy adventure played out via an Oregon Trail travel mechanic fueled by a ton of smart randomly generated encounters. Woven into this mix are excellent combat and loot systems and a compelling overarching story.


Now, with Destinies, which is ostensibly Tales of Illyria 3, Little Killerz has decided to push the envelope further than they ever have before. Not only is Destinies larger and more comprehensive than the previous Illyria titles, but, the lands of Illyria are for the first time an open world. You create your character from scratch, set out on your adventure and do whatever and go wherever you want as you engage in the game’s central missions in whatever order floats you boat. The end result of these changes is that Little Killerz has considerably improved an already superb gaming experience. A superior mobile RPG by any measure,Illyria: Destinies is quite easily the Best Android RPG of 2015.

What do you think of the news? Have you played the latest game yet? How are you enjoying it so far?

Episode 3 Tales of Illyria Destinies Will Launch on August 3rd

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Episode 3 of the Tales of Illyria series will be launching in a limited time Beta on August 3rd. The new game — called Tales of Illyria Destinies — is a huge departure from the previous titles in the series!

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Hardcore Droid’s List of the 15 Best Android RPGs of 2014 Features Tales of Illyria!

Tales of Illyria Episode 1 is made it to spot number seven in Hardcore Droid’s 15 best Android RPGs of 2014. We guess that means it’s pretty freakin’ awesome? 🙂

Tales of Illyria number seven

Do you agree with the placement? Do you think it belongs higher in the list or lower? Where would you rank Episode Two, if at all?

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The People of The Past: Part One

Hey there, world! I’m Mike Hanson, the guy throwing together a lot of the lore you’ll experience when you play Tales of Illyria. The great people I work with and I are responsible for providing gameplay that is not only engaging but also cohesive. To that end, we study the heck out of source material to build what I call a “working world”. I want to provide a play experience that you not only interact with, but that seems like it could really exist, but let’s get on with it!

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Episode One Enhanced Edition (v 3.0) is Live, and Here’s the Changelog


Hail beloved Illyrians! We labored long and hard and [finally] the latest version is now live on Google Play. If you own the game already you should see the update available soon. Want to know what’s different?

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Going Beyond the Iron Wall – How Will the Sequel Be Different for Players?

Like anyone else you’re probably wondering what’s changed from Episode 1 to Episode 2. What new features have we added? What kind of events will you see? More importantly, what new flaws will crop up – it’s a natural thing to wonder.

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Beyond the Iron Wall Release Date – The Sequel Cometh!

Hail travelers! Bang your shields please! The sequel to Tales of Illyria, Beyond the Iron Wall will be launching Wednesday, February 26 on Google Play! To get everyone ready for the launch, we’re releasing an enhanced version of Episode 1 with some new content and engine updates! The new version of Episode 1 will launch this Wednesday (February 19, 2014).

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Heed the Call! Get Your Idea in Tales of Illyria: Beyond the Iron Wall!

Hail Illyrians! Have you ever thought while traveling the countryside on horseback that it would be nice to encounter something truly unique? We’re talking about something of your own design? Well, now’s your chance!

Tales of Illyria Beyond the Iron Wall

While our development team is putting the finishing touches on the game, our writers have nothing better to do but twiddle their thumbs (actually, that’s not true we work them very hard).

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